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Let's have some tea together!

Added on by Sven Mahr | Zen Coaching.

Yesterday we had a day full of meditation with ten guys in our Zen center. After everybody left I cleaned my room. When that was finished I sat down and prepared a cup of tea. Silently with no hurry. Just this - a cup of green tea. Hmmm, delicious!

There is a koan in our Korean Zen tradition: One day Zen Master Ko Bong Sunim came into the room of Zen Master Mang Gong Sunim and bowed to him. Mang Gong Sunim said: "Welcome Ko Bong. Let's have some tea together!". Ko Bong Sunim helped Man Gong Sunim, bowed again and took a seat. Mang Gong Sunim was very happy.

In our daily busy life we often have a hard time to return to this very moment. Just sitting down alone or better together just having a cup of tea. Maybe silently. Then trough the open window, the sound of cars going by, chattering voices and steps out on the street, ... finally we come back to this moment. A cup of tea: what a great teacher!

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