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Breathing Beyond Boredom

Added on by Sven Mahr | Zen Coaching.

When I speak to people in the workplace about how to be mindful throughout the day, how to come back from being distracted, how to bring your attention and focus back to the present moment, I actually only talk about the breath and about correct breathing.

Your very own breath is the strongest tool you have when it comes to being present and mindful. And it's for free and so easy to use! No app purchase is required, no meditation book either. Breath is already build in! And yet this inbuilt anchor, your breath, that can help you to sink deeply into the present moment and take roots there (vertical approach) is so easy to miss in a world were everybody is busy running around chasing this and that (horizontal approach). Exploring your breath never gets boring (if you really start looking into it) and it’s the opportunity of your lifetime.

Because when your breath is gone, you are dead. So use this precious breath while you still can. Don’t miss it.